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Fox Sports 1 results: Fortuna overwhelms Velasquez; Dolton & Molina battle to spirited draw   Leave a comment

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Above Photos From Lucas Noonan/Premier Boxing Champions

Click HERE For Photos From Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions

LAS VEGAS, NV (September 29, 2015) – Javier “El Abejon” Fortuna (29-0-1, 21 KOs) used a relentless attack to stop Carlos “Twin Dream” Velasquez (19-2, 12 KOs) in the tenth-round and retain his super featherweight world title on Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) TOE-TO-TOE TUESDAYS on FS1 and BOXEO DE CAMPEONES on FOX Deportes from The Pearl Theater at Palms Casino Resort.

Fortuna blitzed Velasquez from the opening bell, using his awkward-pressure style to open up opportunities to land punches. In the second round, Fortuna landed a pair of left hooks that sent Velasquez to the canvas. In that round, Velasquez began bleeding from the nose due to a head butt and may have broken his nose.

Also in that second round, Fortuna injured his left hand and was unable to throw it for much of the rest of the fight. He still proved to be too much for Velasquez however, out-landing him 168-51 while landing almost 40 percent of his punches.

He came out strong once again in the tenth round, landing a series of unanswered shots that prompted referee Russell Mora to stop the fight thirty-five seconds into the round. At the time of the stoppage, the judges’ scores were 88-82, 87-83 and 86-84 all for Fortuna.

In a cruiserweight bout occurring between the feature fights of the night, Andrew Tabiti ran over Tamas Lodi in 2 rounds. Lodi was dropped by a straight right hand and retired in his corner shortly thereafter.

In the co-main event, undefeated super welterweights Domonique Dolton (17-0-1, 9 KOs) and Oscar Molina (13-0-1, 10 KOs) fought to a majority draw in an entertaining, back-and-forth scrap.

Dolton threw more punches than Molina, but Molina landed at a higher percentage and was able to land his power punches over 50 percent of the time. In round three, Molina had his best moments when he wobbled Dolton with a right hand, but Dolton regained his composure and finished the round strong. Both men continued to flurry at moments throughout the remaining rounds and were throwing punches all the way to the final bell.

The judges’ totals were 95-95 twice and 97-93 for Fortuna. In total, Dolton landed 145 out of 479 punches while Molina landed 134 out of 326.


I was just waiting to counter punch Velasquez. The rhythm of the fight was important. I was in control of the fight because I could control the rhythm.

I’ve had this style ever since I was an amateur. I’ve learned more about how to be aggressive and I’ve always tried to press the action throughout my career.

I knew I got him with a good shot when I knocked him down. I hurt my left hand after that but it was just a matter of time until I got him again. I didn’t throw my left too much after that.

I saw his shots coming. I would have taken advantage earlier but I hurt my hand. If I hadn’t hurt my hand, he wouldn’t have lasted five rounds.

I looked at his corner as I was hurting him because I wanted them to know that I could go the full 12 rounds and I wasn’t going to stop until the final bell rings.


The head butt, I think broke my nose early in the fight, and it effected my breathing throughout the bout.

I take nothing away from Fortuna, he’s a great fighter. I left everything in the ring and I never quit. I wanted to give it my all and that’s what I did.


I knew it was a close decision. It would have been fine either way. Close fight. He landed some shots, I landed some shots. I wouldn’t have been mad either way.

The game plan was to make him miss with the left hand and then get him with the overhand right. I got in there and started overpowering him. I decided to just beast him. I thought I would finish stronger at the end of the fight.

He has really good timing. We’re both technicians. I wanted to make him miss, he wanted to make me miss. He landed some more power shots but I made him work for it at the end.


I let it get too close, so I can’t complain about the decision. I’ll go home and watch the fight but right now I can’t complain. The judges saw what they saw.

The game plan was to stay relaxed, but I fell out of the game plan. I hurt him in the third round and it kind of messed me up. I started looking for that one shot to end it. I have to work on staying steady and relaxed.

Dolton had real good foot work, he caught me lunging in. I’ve known him since the amateur days so I know how good he is.

I’m motivated to get back in the gym and start going 20, 30 rounds without getting tired. I got gassed at the end but it’s a learning experience.

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PBC TOE-TO-TOE TUESDAYS was promoted by Mayweather Promotions.

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Javier Fortuna vs Carlos Ivan Velasquez: PBC on FS1 Weigh-In Results & Photos   Leave a comment

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Above Photos From Lucas Noonan/Premier Boxing Champions

Click HERE For Photos From Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions

Javier Fortuna 130 vs. Carlos Velasquez 130 (regular WBA super featherweight title)
Domonique Dolton 153.6 vs. Oscar Molina 153

J’Leon Love 168.6 vs. Marcus Upshaw 164
Andrew Tabiti 195.5 vs. Tamas Lodi 193.2

Ladarius Miller 137 vs. Rondale Hubbert 136.8
Thomas Hill 156 vs. Alphonso Black 158.2
Juan Heraldez 142.8 vs. Joaquin Chavez 141.6
Leduan Barthelemy 125 vs. Michael Gaxiloa 126

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Venue: Palms Casino and Resort, Las Vegas
Promoter: Mayweather Promotions
TV: Fox Sports 1/Fox Deportes (9 PM ET)

NBC results: Wilder trounces Duhaupas; Breazeale robs Kassi   Leave a comment

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Photos From Lucas Noonan/Premier Boxing Champions

BIRMINGHAM, AL (September 26, 2015) – Heavyweight world champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (35-0, 34 KOs) scored another impressive victory ofhis exciting and undefeated career tonight with a hard-fought 11th round TKO over Johann “Reptile” Duhaupas (32-3, 20 KOs) in primetime on Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) on NBC.  Wilder’s win, which came at 55 seconds in the round, was registered in front of 8,471 raucous Alabama fans at Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama.

Wilder was in a tough fight against the durable Duhaupas, who tested the strength and stamina of the highly touted American heavyweight. Wilder controlled the pace of much of the early rounds but had to weather the toughness of his opponent who refused to back away from Wilder’s punches. However, in the later rounds of the contest, Wilder listened to his corner and unleashed a series of combinations, including body shots, uppercuts and right hands to overwhelm his opponent and force Ref. Jack Reiss to stop the contest.

Wilder competed in the first heavyweight title bout in primetime on NBC since May 20, 1985, when then-undefeated American heavyweight world champion Larry Holmes, defended his title against Carl Williams in Reno, Nevada.

In the co-main event of the evening, 2012 U.S. Olympic undefeated heavyweight Dominic “Trouble” Breazeale, who improved to 16-0, 14 KOs, scored a 10-round unanimous decision over a tough and cagey “Big” Fred Kassi (18-4-1, 10 KOs), in a hard fought heavyweight battle. Judges scores were 98-92, 97-93 and 100-90.

Here’s what the fighters had to say after their contests:

Deontay Wilder

I wasn’t feeling any pressure at all. I’m well experienced. I’ve been doing this for a while now. It’s tough fighting at home because you want to please and entertain the crowd. The people came out and they paid their hard-earned money so they definitely want to see a show and they got a show tonight.

Duhaupas did everything we expected him to do. We knew he was tough. We knew he was mentally tough. We knew he was going to come. That’s why I tell people, ‘You can’t criticize anyone you don’t know. The scariest people are the ones you don’t know. They’re the most dangerous ones.’ He’s got a hell of a chin too.

Coming in here, when you’re fighting for a world title, it brings a different beast, a very different animal, out of fighters. They come to get it on whether they’re home or on the road. You have to give him credit. He did an excellent job and he definitely has my respect.

He was very strong, definitely has a nice chin. I see why he’s never been stopped before. With 32 wins and two losses, never been stopped. It was a great performance. That’s what it’s all about, bringing the title to Alabama and bringing these warriors here. I’d like to thank my Alabama fans, my fans worldwide and I’d like to thank the fans that tuned in to watch PBC on NBC. It was a wonderful night.

I was prepared to go all 12 rounds, but I started listening to my corner. They were saying to put my punches in bunches. All you can do is listen to your corner.

Hopefully, Klitschko and I can fight sometime in the next year. We’ve got to get these mandatories out of the way first, so people have to stay patient. The key is to stay patient. This is a process and a business. That fight will surely come around as long as I keep winning, which I will, and as long as he keeps winning. That fight should come around real soon and we’ll have an undisputed world heavyweight champion, which will be me.

Klitschko and I have sparred before. I’m the younger guy and the more time that goes by, that’s an advantage for me. Each and every fight, I prove a little bit more about what people don’t know about me. Of course I can take a punch. Of course I can punch and I can fight on the inside too. A lot of people don’t know that. I displayed a lot tonight and I’d like to thank my opponent for giving me the opportunity to show that tonight. Without his toughness and ability to keep coming, I wouldn’t have been able to display what I had.

Johann Duhaupas

Wilder’s a strong puncher but I was also ready to go the distance. I don’t think the referee should have stopped the fight. I was defending myself and moving. I don’t know why he stopped the fight. Yes I was bleeding but it was not affecting me in any way. I have never been stopped before in a fight and there’s a reason for that. It was disappointing he chose to stop it.

I trained hard for this fight but only trained five weeks which for me is not enough time. I was still fighting a good fight and again I don’t think the referee should have stopped it.

Wilder is a good fighter. I think he is tough and hit me with some good shots. But I also think he should have more preparation to go to the next level. He can compete with Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin but he needs to train hard and have a strong game plan.

I’m okay and will continue my boxing career in Europe.

Dominic Breazeale

Fred’s a tough competitor. He came out guns blazing. It was punch for punch, man, match for match. He landed some good shots. I landed some good shots. I definitely wasn’t expecting that from Fred Kassi at all. I’ve got to thank him for coming out, putting on a great show. My performance was good. It could have been better, a lot better. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Yeah, I definitely got frustrated. I know he is a veteran. I know he was looking for those later rounds to shine. I’m looking for the knockout in the first, second and third round. He did a great job of avoiding it. He switched up to southpaw, then, he switched to orthodox. He was doing a lot of tricky things that a veteran guy does.

It’s probably the most frustrated I’ve ever been in a fight, especially going 10 rounds. When you can’t figure a guy out by the third or fourth round, you start shooting shots and looking for things to land. I landed some good right hands but I just couldn’t put two pieces together. It was one strong shot after another, never two and three.

In training camp, my trainers did a great job getting me in shape. We knew we had 10 hard rounds. I’ve been sparring 15, 16 rounds, so I knew I had it in the tank. At one point, we had it in the body shots. The body shots landed great and I could see it affected him, that he was getting hurt from them, so we had to keep going with it.

I’ve got a lot to learn. I’m still a young guy in this game. I’m still in the top ranks, but little by little, every fight I take something from it and this one, I’m going to take a lot from this one. It was a learning lesson and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it. I’ve got to thank NBC and all the people that put this together.

Fred Kassi

He could not hit me with anything I was blocking everything. He’s definitely a good fighter, but I think I am the better fighter.

I slipped more of his punches and he couldn’t really hit me. I was blocking. He was desperate to get me, but I was just showing him I was the better fighter. I don’t take nothing away from him, he’s a good fighter.

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Wilder vs. Duhaupas was promoted by DiBella Entertainment in association with Bruno Event Team.

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Deontay Wilder vs Johann Duhaupas: PBC on NBC Weigh-In Results & Photos   Leave a comment

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Photos From Lucas Noonan/Premier Boxing Champions

Deontay Wilder 228.6 vs. Johann Duhaupas 236 (WBC heavyweight title)
Dominic Breazeale 258 vs. Fred Kassi 222.6
Charles Martin 247.8 vs. Vicente Sandez 249.4

Terrell Gausha 154.6 vs. Eliezer Gonzalez 154.4
Bryant Perrella 145.6 vs. Patrick Boozer 147.6
Mario Barrios 131.6 vs. Eduardo Rivera 132

Andrzej Wawrzyk 240.2 vs. Mike Sheppard 226.2
Derrick Murray 128.6 vs. Micah Branch 129.6
Kenneth McNeil 160 vs. Taronze Washington ???
Ray Ray Bryant 133.8 vs. Whitney Webster 134.2
Keith Thompson 226.8 vs. Larry Knight 240.6

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Venue: Legacy Arena
Promoter: DiBella Entertainment
TV: NBC (8:30 PM ET) / NBCSN (11:00 PM ET)

Carlos Velasquez, J’Leon Love, Mickey Bey & Andrew Tabiti Media Workout Quotes & Photos (September 24, 2015)   Leave a comment

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Photos from Mayweather Promotions/Esaiah Gomez & Justin Harrison

LAS VEGAS, NV (September 25, 2015) – Fighters competing on Tuesday’s Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) TOE-TO-TOE TUESDAYS on FS1 and FOX Deportes fight card held a media workout at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas Thursday, as they prepare for their September 29 bouts at The Pearl at Palms Casino Resort.

2004 Puerto Rican Olympian Carlos Velasquez was on hand to talk about his showdown with super featherweight world champion Javier Fortuna that headlines the telecast, which begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

Also in attendance Thursday was super middleweight contender J’Leon Love, who takes on Osumana Adama in a 10-round bout, undefeated cruiserweight knockout artist Andrew “The Beast” Tabiti, who will take on Tamas Lodi in an eight-round affair and former world champion Mickey Bey,who returns in a 10-round lightweight bout.

Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by Mayweather Promotions are priced at $100.50, $75.50, $50.50 and $20.50 plus applicable fees, and are on sale now. Tickets may be purchased at or by calling the Pearl Box Office at 702-994-3200 or Ticketmaster at (800) 745-3000.

Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday:


All the training is over and now it’s time to fight. I had a great training camp and my body feels fresh. My weight is good I’m looking forward to putting on a great show for the fans.

I’m ready for this challenge. Being the main event is a blessing and I’m going to make the most of this opportunity.

It’s time to bring another world championship back home to Puerto Rico.


Camp has been tremendous. I’ve pushed my body to a new level. I’m in great condition. We’re just waiting for the 29th.

I always try to add to my game in training camp. I’m trying to perfect my craft. Defense is one thing you can never have too much of.

I want to make someone miss and make them pay. I’m focused on my balance and being aggressive.

I’ve always been an intelligent fighter. I’m trying to stay two or three steps ahead of my opponent. I want them to adjust me. I can let my skill dictate the action.

I’m visualizing an A+ performance on Tuesday night. I’m still learning and finding myself every day. I can’t wait to bring it all into the ring.


I’ve had a great camp filled with hard work. I’m working hard for Floyd Mayweather Sr. to get myself ready for this fight.

I’ve had to slowly get back to it after my hand surgery but I feel great now and ready to go.

I’m anticipating a clean sweep Tuesday night. I can adapt to anything on the fly in the ring. I’m a smart, all-around fighter.

Get your popcorn early because you’re going to see everything in the ring, you never know what you’ll see.

I’m fighting for my family and friends. I’ve had so much support through my injury. I learned a lot from sitting out. I’m ready to get in there and test it out.


I’ve been working hard in the gym on my conditioning and just staying in great fight shape.

The main thing I’m looking for is the win. I have to respect each guy in front of me and if the knockout comes, I’ll take it.

I want to stay active and just keep gaining experience in the ring. I’m getting better with each fight.

Deontay Wilder vs Johann Duhaupas: PBC on NBC Final Press Conference Quotes & Photos   Leave a comment

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Above Photos From Stephonia Mclinn

Click HERE For Photos From Lucas Noonan/Premier Boxing Champions

BIRMINGHAM, AL (September 24, 2015) – Heavyweight world champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder and French heavyweight Johann “Reptile” Duhaupas faced-off for the first time Thursday before they enter the ring for Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) on NBC Saturday, September 26 from the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama.

Also in attendance at Thursday’s press conference was 2012 U.S. Olympian Dominic “Trouble” Breazeale who battles “Big” Fred Kassi in a 10-round heavyweight bout and undefeated prospect Charles “Missouri” Martin who takes on Vicente “Bufalo” Sandez in 10-rounds of heavyweight action.

Tickets for the event, which is promoted by DiBella Entertainment in association with Bruno Event Team, start at only $25 and are on sale now. For tickets please visit

Here is what the participants had to say Thursday:


I’m so happy to have the opportunity to defend my title in my home state. I just defended my title a few months ago and I can’t wait to do it again.

I’m always looking to have my face on new networks and NBC is where a lot of the greats that came before me started. I can’t wait to display my talent on the network. I can’t wait for Saturday night.

This is my happiest point. Words can’t even express the feeling that I have. I love what I do. I’m so passionate about boxing. If she was a woman, I’d put a ring on her.

I’d like to thank Duhaupas for accepting the challenge. If anyone is looking past him, they’re a fool. He’s a tall guy, with a good record who’s never been knocked out. I have friends all over the world who have told me not to look past him.

Any man that steps in the ring, definitely gets my full attention in respect. The heavyweights are the hard-hitters. When people get dressed up to see a heavyweight fight, there’s one thing they want to see – knockouts.

Right now, there are two tall guys with power that are determined and dedicated. There is one challenger, trying to become the first heavyweight champion from his country. There is a difference between being here for the opportunity or for the money. Guys here for the opportunity, they come to fight.

I’ve been training extremely hard for this opportunity. I have a great team behind me. I’ve worked so hard to get that belt and I have to work even harder to keep it. I have a target on my back now. I love that feeling of the world wanting what I have.

I’m excited to be back home once more. I’m excited about all the fans that will be tuning in on NBC. It’s going to be a packed crowd full of my people.

I’m taking this very seriously. This is one of the biggest fights of my career. I’m ready to defend this title. Now is the time.


I’m very thankful to be here and I’m so glad I accepted this fight. I’m someone who has worked very hard to be here.

It’s because of all my hard work that I am here today, ready to fight for a world title. I’ve traveled a lot to train with the best boxers in the world. I am here for a reason, and that is to win the title on Saturday.

It’s an immense pleasure to be boxing here in the United States. It’s been a magical country to me ever since I was little. When I walk around in the streets here, I feel like I’m in the movies.


It’s a pleasure to be here. It’s an honor to be on a stage like this with Deontay Wilder. I got some fireworks coming as well. I’m planning to stop the show early.


I’m coming to bring fireworks on Saturday night and to let you know what a superstar looks like. Thank you for coming out and I’m looking forward to putting on a show.

JAY DEAS, Wilder’s Trainer

It’s great to be here. I’m looking around the room and I see a lot of phenomenal fighters who are going to be on this undercard. You don’t want to be late because you want to see all of these guys.

This is going to be a great heavyweight title fight. Scouting a guy like Johann Duhaupas is not easy. He’s big and strong with a great record. He’s never been stopped. He’s tough, determined and ready for the challenge.

If anyone is looking past Duhaupas, it’s not us. We’ve been focused on him since day one. This is the biggest challenge of Deontay Wilder’s career. Deontay knows what a challenge this is.

We had 12 sparring partners come into camp, which is more than we’ve ever had. That’s because we know what a big event and challenge this is. We’re not looking past anybody.

This is one of the best camps we’ve ever had. We’re in the gym day in and day out. That’s where the real work is done. You’ll see it all pay-off on Saturday night.

LOU DIBELLA, President of DiBella Entertainment

It’s amazing to see how much excitement there is here for Deontay. He is the finest young athlete that we have in the sport. On Saturday night you’ll be able to see him in action for the third time this year, which is an amazing thing.

Deontay fighting this often proves that he is dedicated to his craft and to improving. He’s already one of the best heavyweights in the world today and he’s still a work in progress.

To put on gloves for the first time at 21 and to win a Bronze a couple of years later and win a world title while still in his twenties, it’s tremendous. What he can do between now and 39, will be truly special.

Having Deontay fighting on free television is a big deal. NBC primetime is a big deal. The heavyweight division has suffered some decline. I’ve watched Muhammad Ali fight on free television. Some of the greatest of all time developed on free television.

I’m so excited about a lot of people getting the chance to see this young, charismatic champion fight on free television.

PBC on NBC Fighter Media Workout Quotes & Photos (September 23, 2015)   Leave a comment

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Photos by Natalie Mussafer

Birmingham, AL (September 24, 2015) – Just days away from the heavyweight main event showdown between Deontay Wilder and Johann Duhaupas, fighters featured on this Saturday’s fight card from Legacy Arena in Birmingham participated in a media workout Wednesday to officially kickoff fight week. The NBC telecast begins at 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. PT.

In the co-feature, 2012 U.S. Olympian and undefeated heavyweight prospect Dominic “Trouble” Breazeale will enter the ring against the crafty “Big” Fred Kassi in a 10-round heavyweight showdown in the co-main event.

Below please find what the fighters had to say

Deontay Wilder

I’m just ready to fight. Anybody can be knocked out. It just takes the right amount of time and patience. You have to set up for it. Some guys can take punches better than others, but I don’t think he’s faced any guy with the charisma that I bring to the ring.

I don’t look at video or any of that stuff. I like to adjust when I get into the ring. It gets me involved mentally and I can show off my IQ in the ring. I can’t wait for that bell to ring.

When you talk about the heavyweight division, all of the guys and big and strong. You have to respect each fighter. At the end of the day, the records don’t matter. It’s about who’s the toughest, who’s the smartest and whose the most motivated in the ring.

For all of my fights I’ve been gaining more experience. I knew I could go rounds and take punches even though people didn’t think I could. With this fight, it’s a new style and a new opponent, so I might have to bring out something I haven’t had to in my career.

Each and every time I fight it’s a learning experience. Inside the ring and outside. I’m a busy champion. I want to be the biggest name around. I’m the right man for the job.

I love this sport. I’m married to this sport and I’m not going anywhere. My hand is stronger than it was before my last fight and I look forward to putting it to the test.

Johann Duhaupas

I’m very confident in myself and solid in my training. I have great confidence in all of the work that I have put in.

Deontay’s a great fighter that hits very hard. I know that we’re in his neighborhood and that puts extra pressure on the fight. Either way, it’s a world title fight. Doesn’t make a difference if it’s in his backyard or mine.

I’m not the first guy he asked to fight. Several refused before me but I’m the one who accepted the fight.

We’ve got a great strategy in place. I have 15 years of experience. He’s a wonderful adversary, but like us all, he has weaknesses that I can expose.

It’s been an honor to come to the United States. I feel like I’m in the movies that I used to watch as a child. I really appreciate this country.

Height is always an issue when facing a taller guy, but it will be up to me to take care of that. I’ve fought several guys taller than me and I’ll be ready.

I’m confident in myself and I’ll be equally as confident in the ring. I’m ready to deliver the knockout.

Dominic Breazeale

A win in a small town is great. A win in a huge town is great. A win on national television is amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I’m looking for the knockout on Saturday night.

This is a great experience for me. I’m trying to design my own road map to the world title. Deontay and I have taken different paths, but I know eventually we will be fighting for the same belt.

PBC is doing some great things and it’s great to be back in this position. It’s phenomenal. These are the things you dream about when you’re a kid. I’m glad to be on this huge stage.

I’m an aggressive, boxer-slugger type of fighter. I’m always looking for that big punch. When I land it, the lights go out.

Last fight I got hit with some shots I shouldn’t have taken. This time I want to be more sound defensively. I’ve worked on my jab a lot and I want to establish that.

Slugging is the only way I know how [to fight]. I never want to go the distance. Fans want to see someone get hurt. I’m in the best shape of my life.

Fred Kassi

I don’t know too much about Breazeale. After the fight, I can rank how good he is right now.

I just have to be smart in there. I have to let him make a mistake and counter those mistakes.

It’s going to be a great fight because I always come to fight. I’ve come up short a couple of times but I am coming here to win!

Jay Deas, Wilder’s Trainer

We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing. Deontay is fighting at a pace that has never been done before. No heavyweight champion has ever fought as frequently as Deontay Wilder is fighting. He’s fought three times in nine months.

The possible fights with Klitschko, Tyson Fury and Alexander Povetkin take time to get done. While those are coming together, we’re fighting different guys. These guys here come to win. This guy can be an instant millionaire in one night.

We work day in and day out. I’ve been there with Deontay since his first day in the gym in 2005. We had a plan, we stuck to the plan and it turned out to be the right plan.

Deontay is the hardest worker in the game today. American has been wanting a heavyweight that is charismatic, energetic, wants to fight often, has a knockout punch, has the looks and everything that the heavyweight champ should have. He’s the man for the job.

Deontay is never out of shape. We put a heart monitor on him and that thing does not lie. It will show you that Deontay is in shape and that’s why we are always ready to fight.

Without Duhaupas there is no Klitschko, there is no Fury and there is no Povetkin, period. We’re gunning for the biggest opportunities possible but it starts on Saturday night.

In the heavyweight division, anybody on the right night can be champion. That’s why it’s our job to make sure Deontay is ready mentally and physically. We know he’s ready.

# # #

Tickets for the event, which is promoted by DiBella Entertainment in association with Bruno Event Team, start at only $25 and are on sale now. For Tickets please visit